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Pastor John Gray’s Wife Raises Holy Hell Amid Allegations That Her Hubby Fathered An Outside Child


2019 is starting off rocky for a popular Pastor and his First Lady. Pastor John Gray who’s beloved by celebs and his everyday parishioners alike, is the subject of fodder after an old sermon surfaced of him seemingly confessing to cheating on his wife Aventer Gray‏.
In the video that’s reportedly years old but posted on YouTube this week, Gray says that they “smiled” through things although he and his wife were headed for divorce. He added that he “let some people get too close” to him which cause his wife to “set it off.”


Aventer defends her husband by saying he was “spoken to by the devil.” And while she was heartbroken, she decided to stick by his side.

“And then I prayed for them and him and then the devil loses,” she said. “Because what’s not going to happen is you tell me that I’m going to lose my purpose because someone whispered to a ’16-year-old John’. The devil is a lie. I’m standing with my husband and you can go on back to the pits of hell where you came from. Was I upset? Yes. Was I heartbroken? Yes. But, you better learn how to get in there for the – what’s the vows? – better and worst so when the worst shows up you don’t run away.”

Since the scandal, Aventer’s has clapped back at detractors on Instagram in a lengthy post about “‘peace and sacrifice.”  In it, she says she’s praying for people who “thirst and crave” to see someone’s character tainted.

“Please help those who thirst and crave to see others’ character tainted and take the time they should be using towards their own purpose to actually create narratives and fabricate things about you and help those who bandwagon hop, because they aren’t sure who they are while simultaneously trying to pick apart who you are, because that somehow gets them closer to heaven,” wrote Aventer.

Right? The attacks are equivalent to how frightened the devil is by what your life, your covenant, your family, and your purpose represents.”

Meet Cheryl black

CHERYL BLACK –LADY CL - Host of Spiritual Espresso 

Radio Show. 


You can listen weekdays from 10AM to NOON est.on KmaxGospel.


Spiritual Espresso Radio Show first aired in 2012 on JOY Gospel Radio located in Orlando, Florida;


How ever, her first on air encounter was on a voice over for her church, when she lived n Baltimore, Md on Heaven 600 in 1994. Spiritual Espresso Radio Show started as a fifteen

(15) minute spot, on Fridays, on one station. The evolution of the show through Jesus Christ and the prayers of my Pastor and Bishop, Bishop Hezekiah Walker has allow the show to evolve into a show that’s aired out of stations located in; Atlanta, Ga, Spartanburg, SC, Las Vegas, NV and Oakland, CA via their websites, iTunes, Apple TVand Iheart Radio.  


The shows are aired Monday through Friday; each having two (2) hour time slots. Spiritual Espresso Radio Show is an inspirational show, based in the Word of God and different genres of Gospel music with an urban flare. In addition, the show was created out of my love for the word of God and gospel music. My walk in Christendom began in 1980 in Baltimore, Md and currently, I am based out of Brooklyn, NY.  


I am currently on the following auxiliaries in my church: Ministerial Alliance, Street Team, Prayer Team and Choir.  We have a mantra created by my church that I live by, stand by and absolutely believe; that God is the greatest power and I will never be defeated. This declaration and confession have stood the test since I began my radio career in 2012.

Sheryl Underwood RAdio's Spiritual Nourishment is coming to KMAXGOSPEL


Tune in Live to Sheryl Underwood Sunday Nights at 8pm est. on KMAXGOSPEL..

Childish Gambino Taps Brent Jones for New Recording!



(Hollywood, CA)  Riding high on the success of his new #1 hit single “Open Your Mouth and Say Something!” (Billboard's #1 Most Added Song at Radio), rap superstar Childish Gambino has tapped Grammy & Stellar Award winner Brent Jones to record vocals on his new album!



One of the biggest stars in the world, Childish Gambino is the musical alter ego of multi-talented actor, rapper, comedian, writer & director Donald Glover, who has taken the world by storm with his brilliant "This Is America" video - which has garnered over 500+ million views and sparked vital discussions about gun violence, mass shootings and racial discrimination in America.


“It is an absolute honor working with the brilliant Donald Glover, aka Childish Gambino!  Not only is he at the very top of his craft but equally important, he is a great human being with a heart for the people. I'm truly humbled that he chose me to be a part" says Brent Jones.

Brent Jones, a singer/songwriter extraordinaire who’s pioneering work with his urban group TP Mobb set the stage for Kirk Franklin and urban contemporary gospel, "Open Your Mouth and Say Something" is the highly anticipated follow-up to Brent's #1 hits "Don't Wait Till Midnight" (featuring Coko from SWV), “He Rose” & "Goodtime", which ruled BET and topped Billboard for 47+ weeks.  Brent Jones' critically acclaimed"Open Your Mouth and Say Something" is widely being hailed as "one of the best releases of the year!"


KmaxGospel... Introduces Gospel Updates w/ L. W. Robinson

Gospel Updates with Larry W. Robinson




Through the power of media, Larry W. Robinson has created an unparalleled connection with people around the world. Larry will be providing Gospel news updates spreading the word and love to the masses on KmaxGospel.. Stayed tuned, Stay prayed up!


KmaxGospel is the station where you can get your Priase on 24/7. KmaxGospel mission is to inspire and uplift our listeners on a daily basis. Our goal is to inform our listeners on whats going on in there community. KmaxGospel plays the best in Gospel Music, Church Programming, and Informative Community Programs geared toward the Christian Community. KmaxGospel would like to thank you for joining the KmaxGospel Family. You can listen by downloading the KmaxGospel APP on any Android Device, Apple Device, the TuneIn App, and by clicking the listen live button below. 


KmaxGospel is looking for church and religious programs for broadcast. You can host your very own program that will allow you to get your message out to the World. Call 213-292-7601 to find out how low the fees are to broadcast on KmaxGospel. 


KmaxGospel is looking for interns in the Los Angeles and Atlanta market to work for the number one gospel station. Contact Social Media Rob at 213-292-7601. 

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Brent Jones new Has Billboard's #1 Most Added Song! 

"Open Your Mouth and Say Something!"
Grammy Award winner Brent Jones is back with a brand new album!  Featuring the hot new single “Open Your Mouth and Say Something!”, (#1 Most Added Song at Radio - Billboard), "Open Your Mouth and Say Something" is the highly anticipated follow-up to Brent's urban AC hits "Don't Wait Till Midnight" (ft. Coko from SWV) & "Goodtime", which topped Billboard for 47+ weeks!


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